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Corium Chemicals & Allied Products (CORIUM) was established more than 2 decades ago to represent our first European Principal. The association of the promoter with the leather industry especially in south india spans more than 3 decades.

Our focus is to bring in state of art technologies from Our Principals to the doorstep of the Indian Leather Industry.

Our Principals

Unichem S.p.A & Lamberti S.p.A, Italy

They are one of the major manufacturers of leather finishing chemicals in Italy. Some key areas are:

  • Acrylic Binders/ Poly Urethane (PU) Binders/ waxes & fillers,
  • Compounds to suit specific needs.
  • PU top coats with high fastness and soft touch .
  • Different kinds of cross-linkers / feel modifiers.
  • Other auxiliaries.

Spraytech S.r.L, Italy

Well known for manufacture of autospray equipments, with focus on savings in :

  • Chemicals by reducing wastages / over spray ranging from 14%-40%.
  • Reducing time losses in production and improved production output.
  • Power savings and an advanced MIS to increase productivity.

Some products are

  • KA 200/SP 200 Autospray guns – HVLP & works at atomization pressure of 2-2.5 Bar.
  • KA 300 Autospray guns – LVLP & works at atomization pressure of 0.8-1.0 bar.
  • RWS – RAPID WASHING SYSTEM. Innovative washing system reducing washing time from 20-30 mins to 4-8 mins / cycle.
  • Leonardo EPS: Patented electronic system. By high accuracy enables spray on leather from end to end and much reduced spray on conveyor. Enabled (optional) data such as machine Working Time/ Idle time/ time for washing, chemical consumption etc.